Kentucky and Ohio Forge Path Forward on Brent Spence Bridge


On January 28, 2015, Kentucky Gov. Steve Beshear and Ohio Gov. John Kasich announced that their transportation agencies have made the first of many firm, specific commitments to bring long-needed upgrades to the Brent Spence Bridge corridor, which will include a new bridge in Downtown Cincinnati over the Ohio River.

Key components of the commitment include:

*  Kentucky and Ohio will split toll revenues evenly between them;

*  a 50% discount will be given for frequent commuters; and

a la the Louisville Bridges Project, innovative design and finance approaches will be sought to reduce current cost estimates.

The two states have set March 30th as the date by which more specifics on the plan will be announced.{2B1784C2-4522-4000-A55D-4425D3D3CD15}&activityType=PressRelease